First Day of Spring…

Well, according to the calendar, today is the first day of spring. It just doesn’t really feel like it. It’s currently 30 degrees here in Ohio with flurries filling the air. So although spring has officially started, it may be a few more weeks before we really begin to notice the change.

However, I thought I would take this opportunity to outline my outdoor goals for the upcoming warm weather. I like to set a few goals every year just to give myself something to work towards as I enjoy some of my favorite hobbies. Here are this year’s goals:

  1. Fill a turkey tag– I have been addicted to turkey hunting ever since my first hunt for them three years ago. However, I have yet to fill a tag. I hope to change that this upcoming season. I plan to be in the woods more than I ever have been before in an attempt to finally get an elusive longbeard in my sights.
  2. Catch and weigh a largemouth bass over 3 pounds– This is a goal I have been chasing for several summers now. A three pound bass may not sound like much, but I have yet to catch one tipping the scales at that weight. Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t caught some big bass in the past. I caught one a couple years ago that had to be pushing 4 pounds, but I did not have a scale with me on that trip. Last year, I had what had to be at least a 5 pounder on the line before losing it near the bank of the pond I was fishing. So this year, I want to get a bass on the scale that cracks that 3 pound barrier this year.
  3. Catch a flathead catfish– A good buddy of mine is a very accomplished outdoorsman. We do a lot of fishing and hunting together and his level of skill far surpasses mine. He has a lot of experience fishing for and landing huge flathead catfish out of different reservoirs in Northern Ohio. He has invited me along to come out with him a few times this spring and it is my hope to hook into one of these monster fish. My buddy has some 40+ pound catches on his resume, but I’d be happy with just about anything. It will be a new species to add to my list of fish caught, not to mention a great fight with a giant fish.
  4. Take a great outdoor photo– Photography usually becomes a big part of every angler’s and hunter’s outdoor experiences. While capturing a photo of a big catch or a successful hunt are usually preferred, outdoorsman have the unique opportunity to witness some spectacular events simply due to the amount of time they spend outside. I have take several photos over the past couple of years that I’m really proud of (the one in my blog’s header being one of them) and I hope to accomplish that again this year.
  5. Fill a deer tag– Not being a huge fan of sitting out in the cold, I haven’t done much deer hunting in the past despite having access to a large amount of rural Ohio farmland filled with game. However, this year, a couple of changes to hunting seasons in Ohio and the gear I have access to will allow me to finally go after a whitetail deer. Archery season in Ohio starts in late September, which is usually still warm, and I have a friend who is going to let me borrow a crossbow. That will give me a chance to both try out a new weapon system and give deer hunting a shot, so to speak. There is also talk in Ohio of a short season in October for hunting with a muzzleloading rifle. I have been slowly rebuilding an old blackpowder rifle and this new season will be the last push I need to finally finish the project.

I don’t really expect to meet all of these goals this year and would be very surprised if I manage to accomplish all of them. However, that is not going to stop me from trying. I’ll be posting updates on my quest towards meeting these goals as they happen. Whether or not I achieve these goals, I will still have a great time trying.

Happy first day of spring.


2 thoughts on “First Day of Spring…

  1. I love how all your spring goals are outdoor goals! The goals are a really great way to ensure you make the space to get out there. I don’t want this years nice weather to escape me either! Enjoy!

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