The Tribe Does the Harlem Shake…

I’m sure that most of you have seen at least one Harlem Shake video over the past several months. Whether you wanted to see one or not. It was pretty hard to avoid them due to their insane popularity. It seemed like every group, business, company, and organization was doing their own version. There were a lot of bad ones, but also a couple great ones.

The surge in the popularity of the Harlem Shake videos is finally beginning to die down. However, that didn’t stop the Cleveland Indians from jumping on the train…even if they were jumping on the caboose. Nick Swisher, the Indians biggest free agency acquisition during this past off-season, came up with the idea and ran it by manager Terry Francona before going any further. Once he had the blessing of his manager, Swisher got many of his teammates to come to spring training one Monday morning dressed in a crazy costume.

Almost everybody got on board and was part of the video, including Francona who started the video off and then dressed up like a giant baby, including bonnet, to be in the video with his new players. Swisher was dressed as an Ohio State football player in the video which was fitting considering he was a Buckeye in college.

Even though their version of the Harlem Shake was a little late to the party, it was an amazing show of camaraderie between the old and new teammates alike. As a huge fan of the team, it gave me even more hope as we get ready for the 2013 seasons to start. Having a team full of players that all generally like each other and can do crazy stuff together is a great sign of that team being capable of great things. When the going gets tough during the grueling regular season, the players will have each other to lean on.

That is one reason that teams with extremely high payrolls often do not live up to expectations. There are too many big egos in the locker room for the team to ever really mesh.

So as the countdown to Opening Day continues, check out the Cleveland Indians version of the Harlem Shake.


One thought on “The Tribe Does the Harlem Shake…

  1. I’m (proudly) one of the few people that didn’t watch any Harlem Shake videos. That is, at least not intentionally. However, I did see the Harlem Shake vid that was done by the Minnesota Timberwolves. At least, I think it was them. The one where the mascot took a plastic bat and went Nancy Kerrigan on a dude wearing a LeBron jersey and a full-face motorcycle helmet. I only saw it because it was featured on PTI, but it was pretty sweet . . . .

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