Fantasy Baseball Here I Come…

Well, it’s official. I joined my first fantasy baseball league recently and am excited to get started. Considering how much I love baseball, this seemed like the next logical step. I already know the sport inside and out and watch as many games as I can. The day I miss a Tribe game is not a happy one. Baseball Tonight is a must-see every night and I’m no stranger to the MLB Network. Parlaying that passion into a fantasy baseball team should help to quench my thirst for the game even more than I currently am.

Now, I am no stranger to fantasy sports. Until this point, my other experience in the fantasy sports universe has included filling out March Madness brackets, like almost everyone including non-sports fans seems to do these days, and of course, fantasy football. I can vaguely recall a time when I thought fantasy sports seemed like a waste of time. Then I joined my first NFL league and I was hooked. It’s a little frightening just how passionate about it I was. I was constantly thinking about my roster and how I could improve it. I was always pondering my lineup and trying to decide who to start. Fantasy football advice websites became part of my daily internet browsing. In short, I was completely swept up in the madness.

Fast forward to today and that passion has grown even deeper. This past football season I participated in four leagues. I made the playoffs in all four of them and the championship game in two of them, winning one. If you have played fantasy football before, then you know the dangers of running multiple teams. Not only because of the huge time commitment it takes if you want to stay competitive, but also because you usually end up rooting for a player in one league, but rooting against him in another. While watching your favorite teams play on Sunday, you sometimes are watching the ticker at the bottom of the screen more often than the game for updates on your different fantasy players.

However, I don’t think that fantasy football takes away from my enjoyment of the sport itself. I still am a die-hard Browns fan and always will be. I just hate it when my fantasy players are playing against the Browns and I need them to have a big day stats wise. In an ideal world, I would love my players to get the points I need from them while also watching the Browns pull out a win. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world most of the time and when push comes to shove I have to root for a Browns victory over anything else.

Getting back to fantasy baseball now, I am interested to see how my first season of participation goes. Baseball season is much longer than football season and I hope that I don’t get burnt out on fantasy baseball before the end of the year. I’m guessing that my enthusiasm for my fantasy team will depend on how the Indians are doing. When they are winning, I will be dedicated to my team, but when they are losing, some of that dedication could wane. My main goal for my first season as a fantasy baseball team owner will just be to find another way to enjoy my favorite sport even more.

Roll Tribe!


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