Welcome to my blog…

Hey everyone, my name is Brian and I’d like to welcome you all to my shiny new blog. I’m going to be using it mostly as a platform to talk about sports and the outdoors, two of my passions in life. Write about what you know as they say. However, that’s not all its going to be about. It’s also going to be a place for me to comment and share my observations on any subject that’s on my mind at any given time. Now, that passion for sports and the outdoors is probably going to bleed through into almost every post, but I think that comparing and connecting every event in our lives to our passions, whatever they may be, is the way that we all make sense of things. It helps us to put different happenings into a framework that we can more easily comprehend.

So with all that being said, I’d like to kick this blog off by talking about optimism. “There’s always next year.” That’s one of our favorite sayings here in Cleveland and it stems from our continued futility in achieving sports greatness. No major championships since 1964 when the Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship. Yeah, that was even before it was called the Super Bowl. Our last World Series title came in 1948. So, needless to say, it’s been a while.

That isn’t to say we have never come close though. The Indians had a memorable era in the mid ‘90s and early ‘00s, selling out 455 consecutive games and making it all the way to the World Series twice, once in 1995 and once in 1997, losing both. They made it to the brink again in 2007 by taking a 3-1 series lead against the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series before collapsing into oblivion once again.

We also enjoyed some NBA playoff appearances in the recent past and even a trip to the Finals in 2007, but that last playoff run was in 2009 and is already stale. It was also tainted with the now infamous occurrence of their best player, and the star of the city, simply giving up. I’m not really sure how a man can refer to himself as a “King” after that miserable act.

Anyways…getting back on track here, our most recent reason to celebrate a championship was when the Ohio State Buckeyes won the BCS National Championship in 2002. They also played in the title game in back-to-back years in 2006 and 2007, losing both. Yes, I realize that the Buckeyes are not in Cleveland, but don’t be mistaken. Scarlet and grey runs just as rampant through a Clevelander’s veins as do orange and brown, red and blue, and wine and gold.

Despite all that heartbreak and disappointment, from devastating losses to mind-boggling trades to almost laughable collapses, we stay fans and we stay optimistic. There are those pessimistic so-called fans in Cleveland, but you are not a true Cleveland sports fan if that is the case. As each new season unfolds, true fans here are excited to see their favorite teams take the field and upbeat about their chances to go all the way. That optimism bleeds through into every aspect of our lives here.

Through it all, through the brutal winters, the inept sports teams, and the national jokes about our city, we stay true, we maintain our pride, and most of all we remain optimistic. Anyways, there’s always next year.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog…

  1. I suppose until your teams get to championship status you can always cheer for UMASS. I am a Ma. fan so I can feel your pain. lolz …. great write up…interesting even though I am not a die hard sports fan!

  2. I’ve always felt bad for Cleveland fans. Between The Drive, The Fumble, Art Modell losing the team, being forced to watch games at Munincipal Stadium, and most recently The Decision, there’s lots of reason to feel terrible for Cleveland fan. It’s too bad that Cleveland fans are usually called out in jokes because they are very passionate. They’ve gotten the raw end of the deal. When I see some teams that claim to be “dying” for a championship, I point out Cleveland fan. They’re in desperate need of one.

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